Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Viviana Janer has fought to provide better services for our citizens: 

  • Worked to keep the Low Cost BVL Health Clinic open after state funding was cut.
  • Robert Guevara Community Center was renovated inside and new landscaping adorns the exterior.
  • Senior Eye Glass program to bridge the gap in Medicare.
  • Several District 2 parks were completely renovated, including one designed by the children and built by volunteers in partnership with other organizations.
  • There are new parks under construction including a dog park and an Osceola County 1st– an all-inclusive park designed with children on the autism spectrum in mind.
  • Championed E-Cigarette Ordinance prohibiting sales to minors as well as ensuring the health & well-being of our citizens limiting e-cigarette use in certain locations.
  • Senior Zumba Lessons, new domino tables and more options at the Community Center.

Vote for Viviana

We’ve made a lot of progress, but Viviana Janer would like to do even more!

With your support, Viviana will continue to work to provide more affordable housing options for our workforce, high- wage jobs close to home, and expand educational opportunities for our community.